Will Aunt Babe reveal the Cokers’ secret?

Aunt Babe's threats push Pam and Les too far.

Pam and Les are desperate to find the money to pay off Babe, but when the Mitchells refuse to pay the high costs of the funeral, they are stuck. Making the rash decision to put a bet on a horse in the hopes of winning big, Pam instead loses all her money. Turning up at Linda’s birthday party at the Vic, Pam tells Babe that she doesn’t have the money for her.

When Babe holds up a picture frame covered in a cloth after implying that she’s about to reveal Les’s secret, a panicky Pam knocks the frame to the ground. When it turns out that the picture was a present for Linda, Pam is left mortified. Returning home, Pam is stunned to find a stressed Les dressed as Christine. Pushed over the edge, Les has a heart attack…

Roxy insists to Jack that she’s going to change her life around, saying she’ll leave the Square to sort herself out. After saying a heartfelt farewell to Amy, Roxy is given some money by Jack and sets off for Spain, making him promise not to tell Ronnie. When Amy lets Roxy’s departure slip, Ronnie is horrified.

Also, Buster wants to know if Kathy wants to be with him. Denise asks Kush to be her trainer.