Will Bailey drown his sorrows?

Josh is helping Bailey with astronaut training, but when Jayden and some mates turn up, they start taunting him. After Bailey trips and gets laughed at, he goes home with his tail between his legs. Depressed, he finds booze in the kitchen and takes a bottle of wine.

Sonya and Nell arrive at Toadie’s office. Naomi suggests Sonya go have a massage – she’ll look after Nell. Meanwhile, Naomi and Toadie bond over looking after Nell, and Sonya witnesses it. Naomi suggests Sonya is probably worried about Brennan, which disturbs Toadie.

Toadie confronts Sonya and she denies Mark has anything to do with how she’s feeling. Their reconciliation is interrupted by a call from Naomi, who tells Toadie she’s got a letter from her stalker. But it’s revealed she’s the one creating the letter, and Toadie is falling for it.

Josh catches Amber daydreaming about Daniel, though she denies it and goads Imogen into a pool comp with Daniel. Imogen soon guesses she’s being set up. But the pool comp turns into a slanging match, with Imogen being the worst offender. After the game, a frustrated Amber apologises to Daniel for Imogen’s rude behaviour. He isn’t fussed and when he admits he has feelings for her, she takes off, flustered.