Will Banksy discover who really raped Paula?

Tom Norris is standing trial for the attempted rape of Paula Merrick and the murder of Vikki Miller. Outside the courtroom, Norris’ flatmate, Dan Cox accuses Paula her of lying but she bravely testifies. Paula’s starts to crack under tough questioning from DC Jacob Banks’ wife, Naomi Woods, and when she offers a fellow witness advice on what to say, the judge declares a mistrial and Norris is bailed.

With the case quickly falling apart, Banksy decides to focus the investigation on Fallon Thomas, who claims she saw Norris by the car where Vikki’s body was discovered. Fallon provides new facts that suggest Norris was wearing gloves, meaning the fingerprints they have as evidence are meaningless.

Later, DI Samantha Nixon and Banksy are horrified to learn that another young woman has been raped and Norris is missing. At the scene, Banksy realises that something doesn’t quite add up and that the suspect may not be Norris at all…