Claire gives Becky a book on pregnancy, but Becky’s clearly terrified by the whole idea despite deciding to keep the baby. She tells a delighted Steve that she’s nine weeks’ pregnant and the baby is due in August.

Peter attends an alcoholics’ meeting, telling the group he’s able to stop himself after one drink. The group leader tries to warn him, but Peter’s determined and heads straight for a pub where he has a half of bitter. Ken’s annoyed when Peter forgets to pick Simon up from school and, smelling mints on Peter’s breath, asks him if he’s been drinking. Peter takes offence and storms off, leaving Ken worried. Testing the water back at home Peter suggests to an alarmed Leanne that he feels he could have the occasional drink.

Betty‘s 90th birthday party takes place in the Rovers. She’s put out when an elderly lady called Enid Crump turns up and claims she’s the oldest barmaid in the North West at the ripe old age of 91.

Also, Trevor moves into Janice’s flat and the pair enjoy each other’s company; Tyrone’s depressed as he sits alone in No 9 surrounded by dirty dishes and takeaway debris.

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