Steve is on the phone to Becky reassuring her that he will be in court for her on Wednesday. But he’s horrified when he learns that Michelle‘s parents are coming over for their anniversary and Michelle wants to throw a party for them. Becky is devastated when she discovers that she has lost her star witness.

Roy is delighted that Hayley has decided not to return to Africa, but it is clear that she is still struggling to settle at home. Hayley refuses to talk about her strange mood but by the end of the day she confesses that she had a crush on one of the staff in Africa and feels very foolish. Ever-forgiving Roy tells her to pretend she has just returned and they will put it all behind them.

Amber has confided in Molly that she told Tara about Dev and Nina. Dev is still furious with her so Amber tells him she is going to spend some time with her mother in Finland. Meanwhile, Minnie asks if she can work in the kebab shop.

Also, Tina and David are relieved when Graeme reveals the Windasses stole the stolen car; Fiz, Kirk and Ches are back from South Africa.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve is relieved when Michelle announces that she is taking her mum and dad out for the morning and he plans to slip out to go to Becky’s court case. But his relief is short-lived when Michelle presents him with a list of things to do. Meanwhile, Becky starts to question how much she is asking Steve to risk and tells him she doesn’t want him to jeopardise his own happiness to help her – she’ll go it alone.

Dev begs Amber to stay instead of taking a break in Finland, but Amber refuses and sadly says goodbye to Darryl, realising the homeless and jobless teen may not be there when she returns. But Dev soon realises that he can’t run the kebab shop alone and he offers a relieved Darryl his job back.

Hayley is keen to help out Roy at the cafe but Roy has everything sorted and she feels likes a spare part. But when Becky and Fiz insist that they struggled with their problems when she wasn’t around, Hayley wonders if she has discovered a new vocation…

Also, Gary is annoyed when he realises he did David and Graeme a favour by getting rid of the stolen car.