Will Bel abandon Ash?

Ash assures Leila that Anita found out the secret by herself, but she isn’t convinced and things remain frosty as they plan to visit Ravi in hospital. Later, Ash threatens Leila when she makes her feelings clear. At the hospital Ravi reveals that he was awake when Ash revealed the family secret to Anita and Bel is left wondering whether or not to abandon her son, once and for all.

Josh is terrified that Cheryl is going to tell someone about the kiss. To make matters worse, Rhys tells Josh that he believes Hayley may be seeing someone else. Josh goes to find Hayley to tell her about Rhys’ suspicions and feeling guilty, he decides to break it off with her.

Hannah can’t stand the amount of time Loretta is in the bathroom so she pulls the bathroom handle off, locking her in! Nancy tells Hannah not to ask Darren to fix the door and is furious when she walks in on him doing just that. When Loretta is finally released a devious Darren tells her that Nancy is pleased to have her staying, knowing it’s not true.

Also, Cheryl tells Leo about Josh and Hayley and he offers her a bed at the Valentines’.

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