Will Belle confess to Dom? (VIDEO)

Lisa is determined to make sure that Belle stays tight-lipped about her role in Gemma’s death, but she can see her daughter is struggling with the burden of her guilt. And having Gemma’s dad Dom around to remind the teenager of what she’s done isn’t helping either! When Belle finds herself alone with Dom, she comes close to revealing the truth, but quickly backtracks. Will he see that she’s hiding something?

Ali and Ruby continue to bicker about saving money in their quest for a baby, and things don’t get any better when Ali suggests they give donor Dan a break if the latest attempt doesn’t work. But wannabe mum Ruby is lost for words when Ali admits that she’s tired of all the baby talk…

Charity forges ahead with her scheme to take Jai to the cleaners, but when his business begins to suffer it doesn’t take him long to realise who’s behind it. Seething with rage, Jai promises his ex that this will not be the end of it… what will he do in retaliation?