Will Belle cope without her pills?

Belle’s pills are affecting more than her moods. When her editor shows her the article she submitted, she’s horrified to see that half of it is nonsense. It’s a wake-up call: she needs to stop taking the pills. She flushes them, but will she be able to cope?

Meanwhile, Aden is surprised to find Joey and Robbo in what looks like an intimate clinch. Joey won’t tell him what’s going on, but asks to talk to him after work. However, Belle turns up, desperate to tell him about her addiction. Aden goes, asking Robbo to tell Joey he’ll see her later.

Little does Aden know the vulnerable position he has left Joey in. Robbo goes to the cabin where Joey is working and closes the door on them. He tells Joey she’s going to get what she’s been asking for. Joey is terrified… and there’s no escape.

Rachel is convinced Tony’s seeing someone else. When Martha sees Tony at the gym she sends him home, saying how worried Rachel is. Scared her recent lack of libido may have driven Tony away, Rachel seduces him, but he leaves soon after. Rachel follows him and sees him, bottle of wine in hand, meeting another woman.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 17*

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