Will Belle plead guilty?

*Second episode*

As they wonder what’s happened to Cain and Belle, the Dingles are relieved when the teenager turns up at court with seconds to spare. When Belle takes to the stand, her family are filled with dread as they expect her to plead guilty to Gemma’s murder – but it becomes clear that Cain’s scare tactics have worked when Belle has a change of heart and pleads not guilty.

Debbie’s invited Pete over to dinner, but behaves decidedly frosty towards him. When she asks him to take Sarah out on his bike and he takes the stabilisers off, Debbie freaks and accuses Pete of putting her daughter in danger. Later in the pub, Debbie overhears Harriet tell Vanessa about Clare’s Law which allows you gets someone police checked if you are worried about them.

Bernice is measuring up at Pear Tree Cottage for her salon, but finds that Jimmy is refusing to move out because the place has sentimental significance for him. In an attempt to persuade him otherwise, Kerry – who will be working at the salon – refuses to leave…