Will Belle show up at her wedding?

Belle can’t face anyone and goes to bed. The next day, as everyone prepares for the wedding, Belle is still not sure whether Aden will turn up.

Aden doesn’t know whether he can marry Belle, but it’s a letter from Roman that makes the decision for him. Roman reminds him how much he and Belle have been through and that they belong together.

Belle joins the wedding party at the open-air altar. Nicole pleads with her to give Aden time. They wait. Aden eventually arrives, to Belle’s relief.

Aden waits until after the ceremony and makes a heartfelt speech to Belle. Even if he only has a short amount of time with her, he’s still the luckiest man alive.

Angelo has planned a romantic picnic for himself and Charlie after the wedding, as he knows his presence at the wedding would only be distracting to Morag and Ross. Charlie confesses she hasn’t told them about their relationship. After the wedding, Angelo runs into Charlie, but she doesn’t want to be seen with him. She agrees to meet him later, but just as she arrives at his picnic spot, Charlie steps out onto the road and is hit by Brett Collin’s car.