Ben is stunned by Abi’s pregnancy bombshell. Torn over what to do, Ben implies to a furious Abi she should get rid of the baby. After a comment from Whitney questioning if Abi’s telling the truth, Ben confronts Abi. Outraged, Abi shows Ben a positive pregnancy test. Kissing Abi, Ben removes the bracelet that Paul bought him. A watching Paul is heartbroken. Later, Babe warns Abi she needs to get pregnant fast.

Martin takes Lily and Arthur to see Stacey,000 but the visit is strained when Lily is confused by the situation. Seeing that Martin is struggling, Kush encourages him to have a night out, deliberately leaving Martin’s phone in the house to make sure he takes his mind off things. When they return Martin realises his phone is at home and he’s missed an opportunity to get Stacey into a mother and baby unit. Furious with Kush’s interference, Martin punches him!

Denise receives flowers from Lucas, prompting her to visit him in prison to tell him about Jordan and JJ. Later, Denise encourages Jordan to visit his dad but Jordan refuses. When he decides to see Lucas after all to tell him to stay away from Denise and the family, Jordan is cautioned by Patrick not to go.

Also, Kathy gets a shock when she finds Gavin waiting for her at home!