It’s the day of Ben’s interview with the CPS about the lies that put Phil in prison. Phil is shocked when Ben says he wants to confess to everything. Phil insists he doesn’t want to lose him. In the interview, Ben nearly tells all, but stops himself short and tells the psychiatrist he was born evil. On their return, Phil and Ben are horrified when Shirley reveals that Heather’s picture frame is missing and she’s told the police it must be the murder weapon!

Michael comforts Jean, who is upset after hearing Roxy and Alfie talking about sacking her to cut costs at the pub. After Ray walks out following a row with Roxy, Alfie begs Jean to come back. Michael helps Jean in the Vic kitchen. Later, Michael tells Janine that he’ll sign the pre-nup if it means that much to her, but he’s clearly up to something.

Bianca’s unimpressed when Ray turns up with an offer to cook dinner and, appalled at the fast food in her freezer, tells her he’s going to teach her how to cook. Derek is trying to get on Bianca’s good side and he brings her a dodgy electric key so she can scam free electricity.