Ben feels left out when Phil offers Jay a ticket to a boxing match and doesn’t ask him. Marsden approaches Ben and tells him to call if he remembers anything else about Stella’s death. Ben’s thrilled when Phil lets him drive the banger car that he and Jay have done up. Ben stalls the car with everyone watching and feels humiliated when Phil tells Jay to drive instead. Ben calls Marsden and tells her that Phil told Stella to jump from the roof or he would push her himself…

Bianca is stunned when Morgan’s dad Ray turns up in Albert Square and confronts her. Bianca is furious as it becomes clear that Whitney took Morgan to see his father. Bianca tells Ray to stay away from Morgan, but he insists he wants to see his son. Whitney convinces Bianca to change her mind and let Morgan have a father.

Tamwar is still being cool towards Afia and seems unsure when Fat Boy comments that despite their troubles they still have each other. Tamwar finally starts to warm to Afia when Masood ruins any chance of reconciliation by revealing that Afia’s father was violent with Zainab. Tamwar tells a devastated Afia he wishes he’d never met her.