Will Ben stop the wedding?

Ben wakes up on the day of Stella and Phil’s wedding and he bravely confronts Stella about her abuse, but a furious Stella forces him to keep quiet in front of Phil. At the wedding venue, Ben tells Stella that he doesn’t want her to marry his dad and a deranged Stella tells Ben that she’ll kill his dad if he tries to stop her happiness and she attacks him and claws at him with her nails. Stella composes herself and she joins Phil in front of the registrar. As the ceremony begins, Ben stands up, with blood seeping through his shirt from Stella’s claw marks and he begs for help…

Jay gets a ticking off from Yolande after he’s rude to her, but he acts up, desperate to be accepted by local hard knock Degsey and his gang. Jay goes to the allotment to check on his captive, Wellard. Meanwhile, Bert is looking for Jay to reprimand him for being cheeky to Yolande when he feels a hand on his shoulder – it’s Jay’s absent dad, Jase.

Also, Phil worries that Minty isn’t taking his best man duties seriously; Aunt Sal arrives for the wedding.

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