Will Ben tell Phil his secret?

Ian sees Ben’s black eye and knows instantly that it’s down to Phil. Ian confronts Phil, who tells him to stay out of it. Ben apologises to Patrick for the trouble he’s caused. Phil tells Ben that he wants to forget what was said. Ben snaps and tells Phil that he’s gay. Phil walks out without saying a word and Ben is devastated.

Tanya goes to her hospital appointment alone. Tanya is thoughtful when the nurse suggests it’s important to have a good support network. Rather than confide in Lauren, Tanya dodges her questions about the appointment. Tanya takes Rainie to the pub intending to tell her about her illness, but she can’t seem to find the right moment. Tanya later acknowledges to Lauren that she’s terrified and she feels comforted by Lauren’s support.

Zainab agrees to go out for dinner with Yusef, but is horrified when Patrick jokes that it sounds like a date. Zainab cancels her plans, telling Yusef that people will get the wrong idea. Yusef instead arranges to bring Afia over to Zainab’s for a takeaway. Yusef tells a stunned Zainab and Afia that he’s been offered a job – in Pakistan.

Also, Michael is rejected by Anthony and Tyler and turns to Janine for comfort.