Will Ben tell the truth?

Phil tells Ben to keep quiet about assaulting Jordan because social services might take Louise. Ben and Abi visit Jordan in hospital and Ben is shocked to see how bad Jordan is. Lucas finds Ben and Ben’s face tells him all he needs to know. Lucas tries to get a confession out of Ben but Ben does a runner. Ben goes to the cafe to tell Libby the truth but she’s busy and he blurts out that he attacked Jordan.

Whitney is angry with Leon for kissing her. Leon is annoyed that Whitney has told Peter but insists that she just wants Leon, Peter and Fat Boy to be friends. Fat Boy wonders why Whitney is sticking up for Leon and hints that she might fancy him. Whitney tells Leon that he should get back together with Zsa Zsa.

Ryan is confident that he’s going to win his bet with Janine and he visits Stacey laden with drinks and magazines. Stacey is confused as to why Ryan has gone to so much trouble when he’s with Janine. Ryan decides the bet is off and heads home to do his forfeit. Janine wants them to carry on with the bet and ups the stakes.

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