As they prepare for the grand opining of the beauty salon, Bernice tells Kerry that they should try to sort things out themselves instead of relying on men to do things for them. But as soon as Bernice has gone, Kerry calls Andy to help out. Bernice isn’t impressed when she returns to find Andy doing the work, and later covers her upset when Kerry teases her about having a crush on the hunky farmer. Having called a halt to their passionate trysts, will Bernice reconsider when Andy tells her that she’s an amazing woman?

At the Dingles’, Cain angers Sam when he says he’s made things worse for Belle by trying run away with her to Ireland. Later, at court, the family wait for Belle’s trial to begin and Lisa’s hopeful when the solicitor thinks Belle will get off, but Cain isn’t quite so convinced. Meanwhile, Sean thinks going to court will be a waste of time, but his dad, Dan, thinks he could just be the one to save Belle from prison.

Elsewhere, Val decides to have a quiet word with Priya when she notes how attached she’s become to David, and as Harriet considers resigning before she’s pushed, it looks like Ashley’s feelings for her are growing…