Will Beth and Rhys give in?

*Triple episode*

Beth concludes that someone has it in for her when she receives a Christmas card supposedly from her dead dad, before a brick is chucked through her window. Meanwhile, Hannah tries to set Sarah and Rhys up, but Sarah insists it’s over. Later, Rhys follows Beth home and they find themselves alone. Will they be able to contain their lust?

After ripping into Darren following Jack’s heart attack, Steph is shocked when Darren breaks down in tears, blaming himself for ruining everything. Just as Darren pours his heart out to Steph, Jack’s heart monitor starts to beep furiously. While the crash team work on the lifeless Jack, furious Frankie lunges at Darren and has to be stopped by Steph. Darren is chucked out as Frankie waits to see if Jack has pulled through.

With Dom due back home, Jacqui advises Tina to give her relationship another go. Meanwhile, Myra tries to cheer her daughter up by treating her and the family to a night doing Christmas karaoke at The Dog. After Niall and Myra perform a successful duet together, Niall pockets Myra’s purse. Later, Dom leaves an important message for Tina. Is he coming back?