Will Beth get left at the altar?

Kirk’s a nervous wreck as he and Chesney prepare for his 80s themed wedding. When Chesney’s back is turned, Kirk slips out unnoticed. As Beth waits at the register office, dressed as Madonna with her bridesmaids dressed as pop outfit Bananarama, Chesney searches in vain for Kirk.

Liz and Tony head out on a shopping spree, leaving Steve and Michelle to look after the wedding reception. But when Michelle gets a better offer from Hamish, she picks up her things and heads out, leaving Steve to look after the wedding party. Unable to cope, Steve tells everyone to help themselves to drinks and retreats into the back of the pub. But Liz is furious when she arrives home to find the wedding guests helping themselves to booze!  

Mary muscles in on Julie’s wedding cake plans and takes over with her icing bag. When Sean then admires the 80s themed cake, Mary takes the credit while Julie fumes.

Sean’s upset when Billy fails to turn up for the wedding.