Will Beth say yes?

Rhys is jealous at hearing all about Gilly and Beth’s trip to Thailand, but that’s nothing at what he feels when he hears Gilly is planning on proposing. Rhys breaks the news to a disbelieving Beth and when Beth later goes to meet Gilly, Rhys follows, desperate to know whether she’ll accept. Gilly gets down on one knee, and Rhys is shattered as confused Beth says yes.

Fletch has hidden the heroin in his school locker but is scared to hear that Mrs Webster wants to do a spot check of lockers, looking for drugs. A desperate Fletch pleads with Sasha to help and he is petrified when she blanks him on her way out. Fletch undoes the lock as Mrs Webster approaches him, but he is saved when the fire alarm goes off. Sasha has helped him, but she insists he gets rid of the drugs for good.

When Hannah tells Danny she is seeing her counsellor, she’s worried when he offers to pick her up afterwards, seeing as she hasn’t yet told her family about Danny. Later, Danny catches up with Neville and asks about Hannah’s counselling session, and is hurt and humiliated when he realises Neville knows nothing about their relationship.

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