Will Bethany and Sarah really leave?

When Kylie hears that David threatened Sarah by telling her he and Kylie would shop her to the police, she’s appalled. Kylie persuades Sarah to have a holiday in Italy, but to return in a couple of weeks. David is furious with Kylie for meddling and the couple end up rowing.

Carla, Johnny and Aidan tell the factory girls that they’ve secured a huge new order, but with Carla out of the way, Johnny takes delivery of some cheaper material. Beth struggles to work with the cheap material and Johnny breaks her machine trying to help. Carla tears a strip off Johnny and Aidan for buying inferior material and risking her reputation.

Anna, Izzy and Alya have a girls’ night in, but when Izzy tells Alya that she’s pleased she’s marrying Gary as she’s a really decent girl, Alya’s guilt grows.

When Ken gives Audrey a radio, she insists on taking him for lunch to say thank you. As Maria leaves for Cyprus, Jamie reminds Luke that either he enters the race or Steph’s saucy photos will become public knowledge.