Will Bethany seduce Gary?

Bethany Platt thinks she can dupe Gary into bed - but will it work?

Bethany Platt seethes when Gary confirms he’s booked him and Sarah a hotel for after the gig as a treat. Having discovered that Harry’s got a temperature, Sarah tells Gary he’ll have to take Bethany and Faye to the gig on his own. After downing some vodka, Bethany lets herself into Gary’s hotel room and asks an oblivious Gary to help undo her zip…

Meanwhile, Andy’s forced to come up with a plan to avoid being landed in it with the police.

Promising Norris that social media is their best hope of tracking down Mary’s son, Gemma films him on her phone as he makes a heartfelt plea for Jude to get in touch then asks Bethany and Seb to share Norris’s video.

David confronts Shona over his stolen wallet but she denies all knowledge. Adam asks Maria to join him for a romantic dinner but Maria turfs him out.