Will Bianca and Heath get married in Sydney?

Heath and Bianca enjoy a weekend away in Sydney. Bianca’s avoiding making a decision about taking on the role of Principal at Summer Bay High and channels their conversations toward the wedding, revealing every time she thinks about the job, she thinks about Gina. Drunk on love, Bianca decides they should get married while they’re in Sydney.

Maddy and Spencer try to dispel the weirdness between them after their awkward attempt at their first time. Spencer’s angry at Harvey for his advice about sex, feeling it ruined his and Maddy’s relationship. In contrast, Maddy tells Roo that she and Spencer feel too familiar. Harvey is unhappy that Spencer’s angry at him, but Roo comforts him that his advice was good. Maddy’s hurt by Spencer’s competitive attitude towards sex and decides they need to break up.

Also, Sid is proud of Dex for coming forward about Steph’s misconduct at work, but Steph’s made a complaint about Dex and he has a meeting with the Head of Department. Sid decides to get involved to help Dex and speak to the head of department, so Dex reveals that he slept with Steph at work. Sid’s disappointed, and under the pressure of his father’s disapproval, Dex suffers a seizure.