Will Bianca and Heath have a baby?

Heath tells Bianca he felt robbed of watching his kid grow up when Rocco died, and wants to start a family. He is so committed to wanting a baby that he offers to be a stay-at-home dad. Bianca reveals she’s scared and Heath shares that he is too, but he’s not done being a father yet. Losing Rocco took everything away from Bianca and she tells him she can’t have another baby. Distraught, Heath leaves.

John asks Brax if Jett can have his date at Angelo’s. Jett’s nervous about being alone with Nina, so he asks John to stay, and sit in the corner. Marilyn joins him, and the two worry the date isn’t going well. Zac comes in to get dinner, and sees Marilyn and John freaking out. Brax and Zac caution them to relax and the date works out. But after their successful date, Marilyn and John are confused by Jett’s dejected attitude.

Maddy tells Roo that she feels betrayed by how fast Spencer has moved on, and Roo reminds her she pushed him away. She tells Maddy to find happiness and Maddy realises she wants Spencer back.

Meanwhile, Brax is in a world of pain – he’s lost his brothers, and he hasn’t heard from Ricky.