Will Bianca confess all to Heath in London?

The Braxtons arrive in London and find Ricky and Bianca’s hotel. As Brax and Heath wait for them, Casey goes sight-seeing – and bumps into Ricky and Bianca. Casey appeals to the girls to speak to his brothers with seemingly little success. But Ricky comes around and convinces Bianca that they each owe their men at least one conversation. When they find the boys, Bianca confesses to Heath that she slept with Zac.

Kyle’s upset that Phoebe hasn’t returned his calls so Tamara offers to help out at the restaurant. After they close up and Kyle still hasn’t heard back, Tamara suggests that Phoebe probably needs more than just a promise after what they’ve been through. The next day Kyle puts up a sign to say that the restaurant is temporarily closed and he then tells Tamara that he’s decided to move home to Melbourne to get Phoebe back, leaving Tamara shattered.

Struggling after his break-up with Sasha, Spencer distracts himself by spending as much time as possible with Maddy and Josh. When it becomes too much for Maddy she tries to speak to him one-on-one – but he completely misconstrues the situation and kisses her!