Whitney and Tyler’s engagement party gets under way at the Vic. Even Dot is swept up in their happiness and joins in with the fun. Whitney is disappointed that Bianca and Carol haven’t turned up, but Tyler is sure Bianca will soften. Carol encourages Bianca to go to the Vic for the party, Whitney is thrilled as Bianca celebrates with them.

Zainab is insistent that she and Masood can fix things. Masood tries to make Zainab see that things haven’t been good between them for a long time. He apologises to Zainab for not telling her about Ayesha’s crush on him and reveals he was flattered, but nothing more. When Zainab says she doesn’t know how to live without him, Masood points out that it isn’t a reason to stay together. Zainab decides to leave for Pakistan with Kamil immediately and the couple bid a sad farewell.

Tamwar, meanwhile, has gone to Whitney and Tyler’s engagement party, realising that his parents need space to talk alone. At the party, both Tamwar and Lucy have their minds on other things and are not joining in with the fun. Lucy blurts out to a surprised Tamwar that she’s worried after finding a lump in her breast.