Will Bianca leave for London with Ricky?

Zac and Bianca are caught in bed together by Ricky. Alone, Bianca tells Ricky that she does not plan on staying with Heath following Jess’s diagnosis. Feeling guilty, Bianca decides to make the move to London with Ricky. Both Ricky and Brax attempt to talk her out of it but Bianca has made up her mind.

Zac returns home and, at the advice of Bianca, Zac speaks with Hannah again only to make things worse when his night with Bianca is questioned. Evelyn and Oscar eventually call another family meeting with Zac and Hannah where they propose a new solution: instead of revealing their private lives to one another, Zac will report to Evelyn and Hannah to Oscar.

Josh and Andy arrive home with their father’s ashes. Josh opens the envelope and finds several photographs inside, including one of a baby. Both Josh and Andy are not sure who the baby is, but Brax recognise the photo and sneaks it into his pocket.