Bianca is reeling about Mr Ackroyd’s threat to call Social Services. Worried about the trouble they could be in, Liam encourages Tiff not to say anything about where the brownies came from. Social worker Kate pushes Tiff when she won’t respond to her questions. Liam steps in, admitting he found the brownies. A horrified Carol realises that Tina is responsible.

At the Vic, Tina has found out from Lee that Liam took her hash brownies. Worried, Tina and Lee put on false smiles as the family celebrate Tina and Tosh’s upcoming IVF appointment. They’re interrupted by Carol, who warns Tina she’ll be calling the police. Realising Lee knew about the brownies all along, Whitney dumps him.

Horrified that Phil had her attacked, Sharon tells Linda she’s going to leave the Square with Denny. After Phil interrupts her plan to flee, Sharon finds Phil’s bank statements and a new plan forms… Visiting Marcus Christie, Sharon asks for his help. Sharon tells Linda she’ll be staying in the Square after all, as she’s going to take Phil for all he’s got…

Also, Ian tries to discourage Denise from visiting Patrick. And Stan tries it on with Cora but she rejects him.