Will Bianca say ‘I do’?

Bianca’s wedding day has arrived and April decides to support her sister, whether or not she thinks she’s making a mistake. Bianca arrives at the church and sees Vittorio waiting for her at the altar. She walks up the aisle and the ceremony begins. Can she really go through with it?

Bianca sees Liam in the church it’s the trigger she needs to finally realise he’s the one she wants. The two make their escape, leaving Vittorio jilted at the altar. Joanne is outraged at how her daughter’s wedding day has panned out and decides to take April back to Europe. Will April be leaving Summer Bay?

John Palmer is left to stand up and take control of the situation. After a little coaxing from Gina, he tells the congregation that there is still going to be a wedding… only this time it will be between John Palmer and Gina Austin! Everyone is pleasantly surprised, especially Xavier who is now the best man.

Nicole is talking to Marilyn and reveals a big secret: she’s pregnant with Penn’s child.

Robertson finally gets the arrest warrant he’s been waiting for. He and Graves arrive at the church and arrest Alf for the murder of Penn Graham.

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