Bianca prepares a lavish meal for Vittorio. She wants to do something romantic for him. Irene asks if she’s heard from Liam and Bianca says she hasn’t. She thinks it’s a sign that things are definitely over. April mouths off at Vittorio, worried he’s going to hurt Bianca again. He insists he won’t – he loves her and wants to propose again. April is taken aback. Vittorio had better know what he’s doing or it could all end badly again. Over dinner, Vittorio pops the question.

Angelo isn’t sure about moving in with Charlie, but she assures him it’s what she wants. Charlie suggests they move into Tony and Rachel’s house, if Ruby agrees. Ruby is over the moon.

Xavier is worried about Gina after Shandi’s arrival. John is subdued, but Gina insists they go to dinner anyway. John decides to propose after all. But Gina is insulted and rejects him. She doesn’t want to be his consolation prize just because he had a heart attack.

Shandi tells Miles she doesn’t want to label their relationship – they’re just going to have fun. He’s torn over whether to tell John about it or not. Eventually he tells him. Gutted about Gina’s rejection, John just turns away, leaving Miles feeling terrible.

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