Bianca realises Pat is right when Pat tells her to fight for Ricky. Bianca glams herself up and heads off to tell Ricky her feelings at last. Disaster strikes when, on the way, she stumbles into a vat of rancid oil outside the chip shop. A dishevelled Bianca is gutted when she sees Ricky in the distance kissing Sam – they’re back together.

Jane realises that Lauren is plotting to lose her virginity to Peter and gives her some advice on safe sex. Tanya is furious when she discovers that Jane didn’t try to put a stop to the teens’ plans; The Beales and Brannings have a huge argument and agree that the Wife Swap was a terrible idea. But, later, Jane confesses to Tanya that she doesn’t want to return to her old life.

Stacey wakes up after her night with Ryan and makes a quick exit. Ryan is disappointed and cops an earful from a jealous Janine for sleeping with Stacey. Bradley is concerned about Stacey’s erratic behaviour and pacifies the market inspector when Stacey behaves bizarrely with her customers. Stacey continues to skip taking her pills.

Also, Peggy advises Janine to stay clear of Archie but Janine refuses to listen.

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