Will Billie survive the fire?

Zac can hear the boys in the bedroom, but a broken beam blocks the door and the windows are locked shut. As the smoke gets thicker, Billie runs into the house and finds Zac on the floor, before kicking the bedroom door down. As everyone runs out, Zac, Oscar and Matt fail to notice that Billie has been left behind, trapped under a fallen ceiling.

The fire victims are rushed to hospital. Matt and Oscar are given the all clear, while Zac is treated for minor injuries, but Billie is critically ill. As Billie’s condition deteriorates, Nate treats her for her injuries, but she still left fighting her life in a coma.

The hospital discharges the boys, when Kat arrives to tell Leah and Nate to prepare for the worst. When Zac and Leah arrive home, Leah breaks down when she sees how much damage has been caused as Kat comes back to tell them the fire was started deliberately.