Will Billie’s secret be outed?

Will a sudden turn of events force Billie to tell the truth about her baby?

Now that Billie and VJ aren’t the only ones who know that Billie was raped, will everyone in Summer Bay find out the truth?

Meanwhile, Evelyn has decided she wants to see Josh and her decision hurts Matt. Wanting to make Evelyn happy, Matt puts his feelings to one side and arranges a prison visit to see Josh. However, Matt’s stunned when their visitation request is denied, but he won’t tell Evelyn why…

Hunter and Olivia come to blows when they bump into each other, will someone say something they regret?

Also, Alf is worries about John’s health. John rebuffs Alf’s concerns and his nasty attitude causes Alf to storm off. Later, John’s health takes a tragic turn.