Will Billy get rid of the blood money?

Billy is devastated when a broken-hearted Honey tells him he’s not the man she thought he was. Billy tries to get rid of Jase’s money and offers it to Dawn, but she doesn’t want anything to do with it. Billy puts aside some cash for Jay and is about to burn the rest, but Honey catches him and suggests that he give the money to charity instead.

Tanya gets back from holiday with Jack and the kids and makes Jack promise that they will keep things civil with Max. Tanya heads over to Booty and is furious when she sees Suzy working there. Meanwhile, Jack gets a surprise visit from Ronnie, who turns up in the Square on a motorbike, while Max has a quiet word with Phil and asks him if he wants to help him get rid of Jack…

Dawn is in a daze in the aftermath of Jase’s death and she is distraught when the police won’t let her into the flat to get Summer’s favourite toy. Dawn breaks down on Garry and worries that Jay, as Jase’s next of kin, will organise the funeral without her.

Also, Phil suspects Shirley may have taken Suzy’s gold bar; Stacey is unsettled when Callum makes friends with Bradley.

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