Jay plans a surprise party for Billy’s 50th birthday. Jay is shaken when Billy tells him that a police liaison officer will be visiting to talk about the upcoming trial of Jase’s murderer Terry, but he puts on a brave face. Billy is amazed and delighted by his surprise party, especially as Jay has arranged for Janet and William to be there. Billy makes a heartfelt speech.

The party atmosphere is soured when a drunk Phil staggers in and congratulates Billy on 50 years of failure. Later, Billy breaks down on Dot and confesses that he fears losing Jay when Jay finds out that he cowered in a room and let Jase die rather than try to save him. Outside the room, Nick secretly listens in…

Shirley apologises to Heather for ignoring her recently and suggests homemade lasagne and a girly night in. Phil turns up at the flat and Shirley panics that she’s frightened him away after an ill-advised comment and she offers Phil a drink. Heather is hurt when she finds a drunk Shirley and Phil with the remains of the lasagne and she tells Shirley she wants to move out.

Also, Masood agrees to let Syed back into the family fold and Janine reveals that Syed has a girlfriend.