Blessing begs Tony not to reveal her secret, but determined to play matchmaker, he urges her to tell Dennis. However, she then goes on to tell Tony about her childhood and that her parents don’t know where she is. Back at the boarding house, Blessing tries to tell Dennis the truth but his pride is too dented and he decides he’s moving out of the boarding house after her rejection. Despite Tony’s advice Blessing stops him from leaving by saying she does want to marry him, just not now.

John Paul returns home and Finn slyly tells the Roscoes that he’s back. Sandy is furious when she finds out he’s working in the pub, and after shouting at him in front of the punters JP quits.

Robbie is stunned when a scrap of paper with his dad’s mobile number falls out of Jason’s pocket.

Also, Sinead’s spending a lot of time with Sonny; Lindsey is being distant with Joe; Carmel asks for Diane’s support but Diane doesn’t know that Sinead is HIV positive and is shocked. And Holly feels guilty about sleeping with Dodger but he promises not to tell Jason.