It’s the morning after the combined hens/bucks party and Imogen’s shocked when she learns Brad and Lauren are moving back in together. She warns Brad to tell Terese before she hears the news from someone else.

Josh tracks Brad down, revealing Doug has taken a turn for the worse with his Alzheimer’s. Apprehensive, Brad chats to his mum and learns that she’s decided to put Doug in a home. Seeing how much Brad is hurting, Lauren suggests that Doug move in with them.

Amy and Kyle start having problems in the bedroom when Kyle refuses to let Bossy out of his sight. Amy’s frustrated and decides to use her feminine wiles to get her way! Later, Steph spies Lyn pulling into the drive but is shocked to see who she’s brought back with her…

Piper runs in to Tyler and Courtney at Harold’s and, when a guilty Tyler tries to apologise, Piper tells him he did her a favour choosing Courtney over her. A stung Tyler watches as she storms out.