Brad’s disappointed when Terese admits she was using Mary to get rid of Paige. Later, the lights go out at Number 32 and Paige sends Brad an SOS text. Brad is torn, knowing Terese wouldn’t be happy if she found out he’d gone to Paige’s aid in the middle of the night, but he still rushes to the Turner back yard, where he collides with Lauren. They cling together and sparks fly, but neither realise Amber has seen them.

Imogen flees from Daniel’s kiss and tells Terese she needs some time alone. Meanwhile, Daniel seeks counsel from Paul – who suggests Daniel take a more casual approach. Later, Daniel tells Imogen he’s keen to see where things lead but she shuts him down – the kiss never happened.

The Rebecchis go out and ask Amber to babysit. When Amber sees Nell captivated by something on the iPad, she discovers she’s playing an app where bees ‘bite’ flowers. And when she reveals this as the source of Nell’s biting to Sonya and Toadie, they couldn’t be more thrilled.