Brad and Lauren contemplate their future, but Lauren’s bubble is burst when Imogen warns her to stay away from Brad and let him and Terese work things out. Despite being keen to pursue something, Brad and Lauren resolve to keep apart for now, so Brad can give his marriage another chance for his kids …

With Mark and Aaron’s support, Russell plans the purchase of Fitzgerald Motors, but an angry Tyler knocks Russell to the ground with a punch and finally reveals his father’s past violence towards him. Mark and Aaron are stunned when Russ doesn’t deny the accusations and Mark realises just how badly he has let Tyler down.

When Courtney realises Josh has moved out of home, she promptly ends the relationship – the fun they had is over. Josh decides to move moving back home, on the proviso that all anti-Brad talk stops. Terese agrees, happy to have the support of her children.

Also, using her superior body language reading skills, Courtney teams up with Amber to determine that Aaron definitely likes Nate.