Will Bradley cash the cheque?

Stacey warns Bradley that if they keep Max‘s cheque they will be indebted to him. Bradley tries to give the cheque back, but Max refuses. Bradley drops the cheque in the cafe and Bianca sees it and can’t believe that Bradley is thinking of turning down such a huge sum. Bradley keeps the cheque, but he feels guilty about keeping it a secret from Stacey.

Jase is contacted by Terry, who wants him to retrieve £100k for him in return for £20k for doing the job. Jase is unsure about doing another job for Terry just before his wedding, but he can’t resist the lure of so much cash. Billy tells Jase that he’s desperate for work and Jase offers him a job driving the getaway van. A broke Billy agrees.

Phil is trying his best to flog the gold bar, but he’s not having much luck. Shirley, meanwhile, is suspicious that he’s up to something. Phil tells Suzy he wants to up his percentage to 20 per cent when the gold bar proves difficult to shift. Phil hides it in the beer cellar, but he’s horrified when it goes missing…

Also, Pat lets Bianca’s kids take Terrence; Lucy moves back home; Danielle moves in with the Slaters.

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