*One-hour special*

Bradley has been trying to avoid his boss Maggie and worries about how to reject her advances. Dot is outraged by Maggie’s harassment and tells Maggie to back off. Meanwhile, Bradley is secretly pleased when he and Stacey are paired up at the singles night at the Vic, but he’s disappointed by Stacey’s unfriendly attitude. Later, Maggie collars Bradley in the Square and Stacey looks on as Bradley gets into flirty Maggie’s car…

Heather is delighted to have a full pub for the singles night – but Shirley has bribed the blokes with beer to bring in the punters. Clare tries to flirt with Jack and she is stroppy when he makes it clear he’s not interested.

Brenda asks Charlie to meet her at the tube and says she has a secret to confess. Charlie misses their assignation and Brenda comes to the house and he’s alarmed when she starts unbuttoning her coat… to reveal a Salvation Army uniform!

Also, Dot is happy when she learns that Jim is making an excellent recovery; Jase finds May passed out drunk, but she comes round and explains about ‘her’ child that she let go; Bianca demands a pay rise from Ian.

Later, May turns up in the Square and knocks on the Millers’ door when she sees Dawn exit with Jay. Jase lets May in and leaves her alone with Summer while he answers the phone. May wants to say her goodbyes to Summer, but her attitude changes when she sees the state of the house. Dawn returns and May slips out of the back door but it’s clear that May is far from saying goodbye…

Stacey is still smarting after seeing Bradley going home with Maggie. Bradley tells Stacey that he’s been ‘sexually harassed and sacked’ by Maggie and he reveals that they kissed but he stopped things going any further. Bradley is glad to be shot of Maggie and he gets an interview with an estate agents.

Lucy reminds Christian of his promise to let her and Olly use his flat. A dubious Christian goes out for dinner with Jane, but worries about Lucy back at the flat and he’s relieved to return home to find her watching TV. Christian sits Lucy down for a talk about sex and Lucy reassures him that she won’t have sex with Olly.

Also, Denise is fuming when Lucas reveals his plan to move to the Square; a superstitious Heather is spooked by Friday 13th.

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