Bradley tells Stacey he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. Stacey confesses she loves him too and they kiss. Bradley tells a stunned Syd that he’s not going back to Canada because he wants to stay with Stacey. Syd begs Bradley not to leave her and Noah as the cab arrives to take them to the airport. Stacey sees the cab leave, but there’s a knock on the door… it’s Bradley.

Bianca appeals to Whitney to tell the truth. Whitney agrees to give her evidence via video link. Whitney gathers her courage and insists under questioning that she was raped and abused. Whitney gives the QC Vivien the mobile that Tony sent her. Vivien praises Whitney for her courage. Whitney is relieved the ordeal is over and she returns home with Bianca and they’re greeted warmly by the family.

Max tries to convince Tanya that the bailiffs have made a mistake. Phil bursts in and tells Tanya that Max has been swindling people. Max is forced to confess he’s even pawned his wedding ring, while the bailiffs remove equipment from Booty. Tanya packs a case, throws her wedding ring at Max and leaves with Lauren and Oscar. Abi insists she’s staying with her dad and a desperate Max watches Tanya drive away…

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