Will Brax be arrested for murder?

Brax promises Ricky he will not leave her or the baby. The couple’s bubble is soon burst when the police turn up questioning Brax over Jake Pirovic’s death. Both Brax and Phoebe suspect Kyle killed him, but he denies it; however, Kyle confronts Andy who admits to his crime. When the police call Kyle in for questioning, he tells Andy not to say anything, but later the police arrest Brax on suspicion of murder.

John and Marilyn are walking on air after their wedding. Yet they come back to reality when they inform Jett the adoption will be a difficult process. Shandi says her farewells to the happy couple as they settle into their ‘staycation.’

Maddy apologises to Roo, but refuses to explain her rebellious behaviour at the wedding, and the next morning she steals Roo’s credit card. Meanwhile, Chris is the cat that got the cream after spending the night with Shandi, but when she says her goodbyes, he binges on cake.