Ash makes his way back to the safe house where he finds Brax waiting for him. Ash informs him that everyone believes he’s dead and the pair agrees that Gunno was behind the accident. Brax tells Ash that if Gunno thinks he’s dead, he’ll leave Ricky and Kyle alone. The next morning, Ash and Brax say their goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Kyle is furious when he finds Ricky packing up Brax’s belongings. Ricky tells Kyle that she has accepted that Brax is dead and she’s surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Kyle wants to help with the search, but Phoebe convinces him that Ricky needs him and it obvious the crash was no accident. Later, Kyle and Ricky have an almighty altercation, which results in Ricky telling Kyle to leave.

Later, the pair apologise to one another. Yet emotions run high again when Kat tells them that the police have searched the entire area and Brax is nowhere to be found. Afterwards, Ricky and Kyle both break down, and Kyle has the painful task of telling the rest of the family.