Will Brax discover Johnny Barrett is Casey’s father?

Having stolen the baby photo from Josh, Brax drives to Cheryl’s house. He pulls out the family photo album and finds the exact same photo of Casey. Questioning why Johnny Barrett had a photo of Casey, Cheryl reveals that Barrett is Casey’s father and makes Brax swear that he will not tell Casey who his real father is.

Andy continues to ignore Josh, so Josh asks Casey to help him scatter his dad’s ashes by the Mangrove river. Josh starts to struggle but is comforted by Andy, who finally decides to help.

Chris prepares for his next date with Denny only to be held back after Irene leaves to comfort Heath. Alf feels sorry for Chris and agrees to give Denny some extra jobs to keep her around. When Irene returns, Chris takes Denny out on a picnic.

Irene informs a confused Heath that Bianca has left. He is initially in denial until he finds Bianca’s ‘Blood and Sand’ bracelet and collapses in tears. Heath blames himself for telling Ricky about Jess and starts to drink heavily. However, Brax convinces him to go to London after her.