Will Brax give Andy a chance?

Brax is working himself into the ground running the gym in the exact way Casey left things. He rebuffs Ricky’s suggestion of taking a break and Andy worries that his job at the gym could be on the line. Ricky reassures him that things will be fine and tells Brax he should give Andy a chance in a managerial position.

Worried that Brax will discover her embezzling, Maddy decides to cook the books. When Brax nearly rumbles her, when he sees her leaving the gym late, she talks her way out of any suspicions Brax may have.

Marilyn and John scramble to recover the botched CDs from their customers. Roo assumes they have recorded something racy, but her pursuit of the CD leads to the entire Diner hearing John’s pompous rant, leaving Marilyn embarrassed.

When Jett tells Leah that VJ has gone missing, she immediately calls the police, convinced that Tyson is connected her son’s disappearance. Tyson pretends he’s innocent until Brax gets him to admit that he did kidnap VJ, but Tyson says he thought he would be back by now…