Ash tells Brax to not plead guilty. He stresses there is nothing worse than doing time for a crime you didn’t commit. However, after careful consideration, Brax realises he must do what’s best for Ricky and his son – he phones his lawyer to arrange a deal for pleading guilty.

It’s Sasha’s last night in Summer Bay, and she has planned a romantic beach picnic for her and Matt. So she’s furious that Matt can’t go because he’s in detention. Zac convinces Matt to be honest with Sasha, so he surprises her with a candlelit Mexican dinner and they agree to see each other every other weekend. Matt also admits he loves Sasha.

Hannah’s unwilling to leave the house after her accident. When she then tries to cancel her first physio appointment, Nate confronts her and Hannah tells him to leave. When Hannah suggests she gets a new doctor, Andy disagrees. He, like Nate, believes it’s time she faces up to her problem.