Will Brax support Heath in his fight for Darcy?

After doing a school run, Heath makes up his mind that he’s going to fight for custody of Darcy again. He confides in Brax, but doesn’t get the reaction he was hoping for. Brax is concerned about what will happen if Heath loses in court again, but after seeing how committed his brother is to the idea, and to Darcy, he offers his full support.

Nate meets up with Sophie and plucks up the courage to tell her that he wants them to be an item again. Although Sophie agrees to give their relationship another try, she can’t hide her doubts. Dressed to impress, the pair head to Angelo’s for dinner, but they struggle to feel relaxed around one another.

Sasha can hardly contain her excitement after becoming school captain, but is disappointed that Matt doesn’t share her commitment to the post. When Mrs Taylor asks the pair to organise an SRC meeting for the following week, she leaves Matt with two choices: either step up and continue to be captain or behave in immature manner and lose the honour.

Oscar starts taking his medication in the hope he will be able to get his life back on track. When he heads back to school to discuss his options, Zac thinks he is trying to do too much too soon. Later, Nate confesses he agrees with Zac, and Oscar leaves the house. By removing himself from the situation, Nate tells Oscar he’s making steady progress.