Will Brax testify against Ricky?

Ricky’s accepted her fate and wants Brax to testify against her, but at Ricky’s trial Brax refuses to testify. Meanwhile, Tamara is dreading testifying as Casey will find out that her memories are coming back. Kyle tells Tamara she has the option of lying on the stand.

Bianca is outraged by Heath’s accusation that she switches men right before her wedding day. She tells Irene that she does not have feelings for Zac, but is unsure whether Zac has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Leah counsels Zac that Heath probably has a right to feel jealous. Later, Heath explains his behaviour to Bianca and they passionately reconcile on the beach. Zac sees this from a distance and can’t help but feel a twinge of regret.

Alf calls a meeting to discuss strategies to help get Sally’s Caravan Park and house sold. Despite everyone pulling together, Alf realises they won’t sell the house unless they raise the funds to send Pippa to America themselves.

Maddy apologises to Sasha about their fight, and reveals that Spencer is still hung up on her. Later, Maddy tells Spencer he should give Sasha a second chance. Spencer and Sasha agree to start again, while Maddy is pleased to see Spencer happy, even though it hurts.