It’s the day of the Child Protection Conference to decide whether to put Sierra on a Child Protection Plan. When the final decision is made, in favour of the CP Plan, Ayesha suggests that she look after Sierra herself. It’s agreed that Ayesha can take full responsibility for Sierra for the next six weeks with a review in two weeks’ time, while Bren agrees to attend alcohol counselling.

At the Campus Surgery, student Sam insists he has a brain tumour and is angry when Zara diagnoses stress. Zara probes about his twin sister, Cassie, and Sam finally admits that she’s in a hospice and has a brain tumour. Sam visits Cassie and she forces him to accept that she won’t be getting better but tells him not to worry as she has accepted the truth.

Jimmi and Al make beer but they each have different ideas of how it should be done. After heading to the pub for inspiration, back at the house, a drunk Jimmi decides, to Al’s horror, that Worcester Sauce is the missing ingredient and a scuffle ensues.